Just a minimum page for Opennap, NecessaryEvil and dedicated software
The Opennap Server

Other server software

Client software

My software :

My small Teknap script bash based to display sysinfo, only working under Linux ( Use /proc so
don't match other *ix /proc ) - Thanks to Spyder for the last debugs :

TekSysinfo 1.3e


This is the MasonJar script :-) It detect forbidden words witch are said in public (In this case
"mason jar!). Time, ip, nick, server are logged in a file and sent in wallop. Lamer is killed and a class
C ban is done. The script give the hability to download the log. This script only run
completly on Opennap-ng servers and Linux, *nix TekNap (One part is bash shell based).

Mason Jar Script

Another TekNap script, it record a sentence from a user to an away user and send it when
he come back and say something in the channel. Origilally done for Linux or *nix Teknap but
it is a pure TekNap script, could run under Cygwin but untested, send me feedback if
you try. It include a seens server to display the last time an user came in a channel.

Isahora Line Server

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